Ovarian Cancer Glossary

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Ovarian Cancer Glossary


BiomarkerBiological molecule found in blood, bodily fluids or tissues that can indicate normal or abnormal processes in your body, as a result of a condition or disease.

BiopsyA diagnostic procedure involving removal and examination of bodily tissue, which may be performed in various ways, including with needles, an endoscope, etc.

BRCA-negative/BRCA wild typeThis means a change (also called a mutation) is not present in the BRCA gene. A person without a mutation in the BRCA gene can still develop cancer. This may also be called wild type

BRCA-positiveThis means a change (also called a mutation) has been noted in the BRCA gene. A positive result does not mean that cancer will occur, but this puts you at a higher risk for certain cancers

BRCA1/BRCA2 gene mutationGene mutations linked to breast cancer that also increase the risk of ovarian cancer