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Hearing stories helps us experience the world in new and different ways. And telling stories enables us to reflect upon our personal experiences and make better sense of them as we share them with others.

As part of the Our Way Forward program, GSK is working with women with ovarian cancer, the people who love them, and their care providers to bring to life stories that illuminate the ovarian cancer experience. GSK dedicates Our Way Forward to all women who have faced ovarian cancer. We hope these stories will inspire others to connect with others in the community and share their own experiences.

The stories featured on this site tell real women’s experiences with ovarian cancer at the time they were told. Given the nature of ovarian cancer, these stories are likely to change over time.


In Their Own Words: Listen to Their STories

Stories That Illuminate the Ovarian Cancer Experience: Disparities in Care

Three women shared their unique experiences with ovarian cancer and how they were impacted by disparities in care at a storytelling event held in Gainesville, Florida in March of 2023.