Stories from the Community

Stories From the Community

You Are Not Alone

Our Way Forward is dedicated to all of the women who are facing ovarian cancer and the people who help them along the way. We are working as a community toward meeting the unmet needs of women with ovarian cancer, encouraging earlier diagnosis, and extending the time between recurrences. Let’s move forward together.

Live storytelling events

GSK is hosting special storytelling events that highlight the unique experiences of patients, healthcare professionals, and care partners who have been affected by ovarian cancer.


Facing Ovarian Cancer With Confidence

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Ovarian Cancer Survivor Shannon Miller
Ovarian Cancer Treatment, Health, Wellness, and Emotional Support, Survivorship & Remission
Looking back on my own life experiences, I appreciate how setting goals has seen me through not only my athletic endeavors, but also through my…
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Diagnosis, Ovarian Cancer Treatment, Communicating With Your Healthcare Team, Clinical Studies
I then went on to a second traditional regimen that did not do the job. After a short, self-imposed break in treatment, I am presently in a clinical…
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Ovarian Cancer Care Partner Monty
Ovarian Cancer Treatment, Health, Wellness, and Emotional Support
To make things more comfortable and even something to look forward to, read on for some suggestions that worked well for my wife and me:
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Videos From the Community

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Through the lens of her patient's story, Dr. Martin emphasizes the value of each woman’s decision in her unique ovarian cancer experience.

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Ovarian cancer survivor Katya shares her empowering story of staying in control of her life and living each day to the fullest while battling cancer.

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Ovarian cancer survivor Nora shares her story of facing her diagnosis with courage and empowers women to be determined and always move forward.

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Upcoming Community Events

Join us for free ovarian educational or storytelling events near you. RSVP today!

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