Stories from the Community

Stories From the Community

You Are Not Alone

Our Way Forward is dedicated to all of the women who are facing ovarian cancer and the people who help them along the way. We are working as a community toward meeting the unmet needs of women with ovarian cancer, encouraging earlier diagnosis, and extending the time between recurrences. Let’s move forward together.

Facing Ovarian Cancer With Confidence

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Ovarian Cancer Survivor Nora
“After reviewing the images from your CT scan, I’m confident that what I’m looking at is ovarian cancer. We’ll get you scheduled for surgery ASAP. If…
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Ovarian Cancer Survivor Shannon Miller
The day I found out I had ovarian cancer was the day I had almost cancelled my doctor’s appointment. It was a typical OBGYN exam and everything at…
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Ovarian Cancer Survivor Debbie
It’s hard for me to describe and explain as not all survivors experience this. For me, this started as an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach as I…
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Videos From the Community

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Nancy and Kim talk about the importance of being authentic to yourself and never losing hope.

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Faced with an ovarian cancer diagnosis at the age of 39, Nora found strength and courage in a childhood memory.

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Dr. Graybill, Nancy, and Lynne talk about the importance of discussing the chance of recurrence in order to help ease concerns and fears down the road.

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