How Care Partners Can Make Treatment More Comfortable

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Dealing with the challenges of a treatment regimen after an ovarian cancer diagnosis can be difficult in the journey of a patient or care partner. Going through treatment can be an uneasy time for your loved one, but also for you as the care partner.

To make things more comfortable and even something to look forward to, read on for some suggestions that worked well for my wife and me.

Ask your treatment center what you can and can’t bring with you
Our treatment center allowed us to bring in pretty much anything we wanted or felt we needed to keep us comfortable and entertained. Some centers may have restrictions. Check to see if there are any restrictions with your center, especially with scents or sounds.

Make the day into a special date
Debbie and I made the most out of these long days together. We brought our food and snacks in from home and would have a special picnic together. I’d make sandwiches and we’d pack a variety of things for her to try as we never knew what would hit the spot for her. The nurses loved seeing our “romantic” chemo picnics and how much fun we’d make each session, even if they did include naps.

Talk to your employer beforehand
This, by far, was THE most important piece to making the most out of my wife’s treatment. By talking to my employer, I was able to go to each of my wife’s treatments. That meant I was able to be there for each pre-treatment appointment with her oncologist. I was able to ask questions Debbie might forget she wanted to ask, and I was able to know where we were as far as counts and CA-125 numbers. I felt I was on top of things and in control of her care. It was also a way I was able to show Debbie my support. I wanted her to know that I was there for her and she could lean on me. If she had questions later on, I was able to answer them.

Making the most of Debbie’s treatment not only made it more comfortable for her, it also made it easier for me. It gave me something to do, helped me to feel useful, and have a purpose during this crazy time in our lives. I hope you are able to find the same purpose in you and your loved one’s journey.